420 Doctors – How to find a good doc 420

420 Doctors – How to find a good one

With medical marijuana programs popping up all over the U.S, those who want access have steps to take to get certified. How to get a marijuana card is the question all users of cannabis want to get their hands on? Trying to find 420 doctors can be a tough task for people in pain, have cancer or many other aliments. This especially true if you are using a primary or general care practitioner. There is still a stigma to the plant and there is not enough accurate research, so many doctors don’t see cannabis as an option and don’t feel comfortable talking about it let alone recommending it. As a patient, you can get another Dr. but because of this many go to a doc 420 friendly to get a recommendation.

420 doctorsThere are sites that provide help to find 420 doctors for those who wonder how to get a medical marijuana card. For some recommendations can be obtained online if you live in CA and other places that allow online registry because of state management. Be prepared to pay as much as $150 to see a doc 420 to obtain your recommendation and move forward with obtaining a card.

How to get a medical marijuana card?

420 doctorsAfter getting a certification in some states that will be all you need and you can access dispensaries and/or caregivers with a recommendation letter or card. For instance, in California, a paper recommendation with Dr. seal, patient name, and patient details is required. Other states require online registration and an application for patients and caregivers if applicable. After sending off the paper it’s a waiting game, normally if a patient has a valid ailment or disease on the state’s medical marijuana program details the card should be sent in the mail. For those with a previous drug charge, while you may be able to get a recommendation it will very likely be hard to get approved by the state.

There are also those with certain occupations or businesses that may not want to obtain one and some legally can’t such as nurses, doctors, police officers, and any other state or city workers. Certainly, if you are a CDL driver this wouldn’t be a good idea either so be sure to research the state program you are applying for to avoid any future issues. The process for a recommendation is fairly simple you speak to a Dr. who is normally compassionate and discuss your medical history, some will request medical history paperwork but the process is relatively quick. The fees for applications for states that don’t have recreational vary some are as high as $250 per year, while Michigan is $35 for 2 years.

Medical marijuana is growing quickly and many states are having discussions to put the initiative on the ballot and places such as Nevada have pushed for full legalization and recreational weed is coming July 2017 if everything goes as planned. There are so many great benefits to having a card/recommendation; when traveling law enforcement shouldn’t be able to confiscate your weed, you shouldn’t be arrested for taking your meds, you avoid street buys, and you have access to safe and effective cannabis.

Looking and finding a doc 420 friendly can be a daunting task but we hope this article helped.

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